​Microblading Brows Everyday​

"Always do you, but let me do your eyebrows"

 Don't be the girl with no eyebrows at the pool this summer!

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Microblading at it's finest

She previously had an old faded tattoo that over time had faded into a pinkish brown color, I was so happy to cover that up with this more natural Microblading technique. These pair of brows can be found in the brow gallery.

Microblading + Manual Shading

For this client I did microblading plus some shading. She wanted her tails to be shaded in and I think that was an excellent choice with her brow situation. They look awesome. There was no machine involved for this procedure.

Sara Jennifer's Recent Work

It's never to late 

Brows are life

No Hair, No Problem!​

Eyebrow Correction

Eyebrows over everything

Rounded her off to give her a more natural softer looking Arch.

Microblading over microblading

This particular client I had to cove up an old Microblading attempt and correct it up with a new one.

Microblading and Manual Shading

Everyday Microblading

Working on the Brows

No Brows to New brows

Before and After