"Makeup is My Passion" 

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About Sara Jennifer

From the time I could remember I always loved makeup. I mean most girls just do, right? I always was fascinated with how  you could look so different and lively  with something as simple and plain as a good lipstick shade and little mascara. I have been doing makeup on women before I was even certified as a makeup artist. This has  been something I loved so much I wanted to make a career out if it. I knew then it was more than just a hobby! This is your face, this is what everyone sees when you go out in public. To work, Wedding, Birthday parties, Night out with the girls or even a Special event or occasion. So it's my goal to make sure you look and feel your best when I finish your face at the end of our makeup session. When I am done with a client I also want you to feel confident about how your eyebrows or makeup looks when you leave. Its my job to make sure you look flawless in those photos of your big day or whatever it may be. I do makeup services for all occasions through out San Fernando Valley & Los Angeles areas. I graduated from Ruby's Makeup Academy in North Hollywood California to get certified as a Makeup Artist. I also graduated from Elite Permanent Makeup Academy in Los Angeles and received my certification in Microblading. I believe it takes more than a sheet of paper to really call your self an artist. You have to eat sleep and breath makeup. It is definitely something I feel your born with. I was already a makeup artist before I graduated just not "certified". I wanted my name on  that paper to ensure all my clients and future clients that I know how to give them what they are asking, and the skill and techniques of certain looks. That I have went though all proper  training and know sanitary and proper cleanliness when setting up for my clients as well. There is always something new  to  learn in the makeup world of course! The latest trends and tricks behind the makeup. So call and book your appointment with me today or email me. Just Simply go to the contact menu. Stay blessed & beautiful guys!